Welcome to Country House Deli!


1. LIMITED SEATING: 36 seats
 are currently replacing our dining furniture.


2. FOOD SURCHARGES: Some food items may have a surcharge due to Covid-related cost increases.tdowns.


3. SPECIALS SUSPENDED: Daily Specials are not being offered at this time.


4. DELIVERY SUSPENDED: Orders are available for pick-up only.



Part time and Full time.  See our Employment Opportunities page for details.



At Country House Deli, we take pride in the fact that we buy the best in meats and cheeses, bake our bread, and make our soups and deli salads from scratch. 

We make quality products so you know that what you are eating is both good and good for you.  It's what makes CH Deli different from the fast and furious "how cheap can we make this thing"  kind of sandwich shops. 

No "meat jello".  No "salad-from-a-bag".  No "soup-from-a-can". 

Consistently voted "Best of the Best" in Bismarck-Mandan!