Country House Deli offers basic catering.  It means that we prepare the food, package it, and ready it for pick up. 

We do not offer set up services, equipment or on-site personnel.

  • 48 hours advance notice is needed for orders..  We prepare a large volume of food orders each morning, so please give us as much notice as possible.  We reserve the right to decline orders placed within the 48 hour window.
  • All trays are made when ordered...we do not keep any trays or large quantities of salads "on-the-ready".
  • HOWEVER...We want to help you where we can, but please note that any orders accepted within the 48 hour period will be subject to a 10% RUSH CHARGE to cover overtime costs.
  • There is a 6% catering service fee on all orders over $500 to cover the addtional labor/goods costs associated with larger orders.
  • Orders over $1,000 require a signed agreement.

Give us a call at 701-258-0459 and let us answer your questions for your cater needs.


Variety Sandwiches

(5 person minimum order)

This option is great for meetings.  Each person receives the equivalent of a 5" sub, made from our different breads and variety of meats and cheeses. They are presented in 2.5" sections.

Sandwiches only: $7.49 per person

With one deli salad: $9.59 per person

With two deli salads: $10.69 per person


Make Your Own Sandwich

(20 person minimum order/48 hour advance notice mandatory)

Sometimes people just want to make their own sandwich.  Our MYO Tray has roast beef, summer sausage, ham, turkey, Colby cheese, Muenster and Swiss Cheese.  We include lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard and our house spread, as well as two (2) buns per person.



                                                                        Sandwiches only: $8.99 per person

                                                                        With one deli salad: $10.69 per person

                                                                        With two deli salads:  $11.79 per person

Box Lunches

Our box lunches offer three basic sandwiches (roast beef & muenster, ham & swiss, turkey & colby) and available in small or regular sizes.  Then add other items such as chips, salads, desserts and drinks as you wish.  The box with condiments is included in the sandwich price.

Small Sandwich: $7.19        Regular Sandwich, $8.59

Deli Salads: $2.19 per serving

Chips: $1.25 per bag

Pop: $1.00 per can

Desserts: Cookies, 60 cents; Scotcheroo, $1.25; House Brownie, $1.25


BBQ Beef or Pork Sandwiches    $10.69 per person

(10 Person Minimum Order)

Your choice of BBQ Beef or Pork, served with potato salad and coleslaw.  White and wheat buns are provided.  We plan two sandwiches per person.



Kuchen Dessert Tray

A variety tray of thin sliced  Wagners' Wagon kuchen.

48 Piece: $53.99




Variety Dessert Tray

Mix of cookies, scotcheroos and brownies.

48 Piece: $46.99



Cookie Tray

A variety of gourmet cookies, great for meetings or family gatherings.

72 Piece: $59.99


Custom trays are available - price will vary.




Many things affect how much food you need to feed people.

Age and Gender: Kids tend to take more food than they will eat.  Older adults tend to eat less.  Males tend to stack their plates with a few "familiar" items...females tend to take a little of everything.  Men tend to like more meat and pasta items...women tend to like some vegetable options.

Time of day: If you are planning to feed your guests around mealtimes, they may be expecting to eat a full meal.  You will need to address this when planning your party so your guests know what your intent is.  For example: you plan on having guests over during a dinner time football party and will have lots of snack items and you decide to order finger sandwiches instead of variety sandwiches.  Fingers are designed as a light snack item, but guests may take more of them during a meal time than if these were served at a mid-day reception.  You may need to order more fingers than what CH Deli uses as a planning factor or order the variety sandwiches.

Yes...we are generalizing a bit here, but these notes come from our experiences.






Mon-Tue:      10am-3pm

Wed-Thu:     10am-7pm

Fri:              10am-10pm

Saturday:      10am-3pm

Closed Sundays

Please call us at 258-0459 with your orders. 

We do not accept faxes or email orders.




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