Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you deliver? Is there a delivery charge?

A. We deliver Monday - Friday, 11am - 1pm to Bismarck and Mandan.  Deliveries are restricted to businesses/organizations only.  The delivery charge is $7.50.

Q. What is the cater fee that is mentioned on the cater menu?

A. The cater fee is a 6% fee charged to orders of $500 and above.  The fee covers the extra costs of materials and labor needed for larger orders that require work time beyond our normal hours of operation.

Q. Do you have gluten free products?

A. Yes, though limited.  We have gluten free buns for sandwiches and some of our soups are gluten free.  It should be noted however that if someone has a severe reaction to gluten that is non-ingested that they use caution when ordering as we are not a gluten free or nut free facility,

Q. Why is the coffee bar no longer operating?

A.  Bismarck and Mandan have a large number of coffee shops that quite frankly have a greater ability to maintain trained baristas and higher traffic during the morning hours.  Our location just doesn't support early morning traffic.  We plan to use the space for other purposes in the near future.

Q. Where is the cheesecake?

A.  When we purchased Country House Deli in 2013, the prior owners opted not to sell the cheesecake recipe as it was a family recipe.  Instead of cheesecake, Country House now offers kuchen made by a small company out of Mercer called Wagner's Wagon. 

Q. How do I place a cater order?

A. If you have a large cater order and not sure what you need, it is best to come in a talk with a manager.  The best time to do this is after 2pm to avoid our lunch rush.

Q. How soon should I place my cater order?

A. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice...though the farther out you place your order the better.  It gives us time to plan and order the food we need.  We are a MAKE-TO-ORDER facility, so we do not have products sitting around ready to pick up.  We like to make your food as fresh as possible, but this does require some prior planning on the customers end.



Deli Lunch Menu
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Phone: +1 701/2580459 +1 701/2580459


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Closed Sundays

Please call us at 258-0459 with your orders. 

We do not accept faxes or email orders.





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