Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Country House deliver?

A. Unfortunately we no longer offer delivery due to the worker shortage. 

          Q. Why don't you use delivery services?

A. I don't trust them.  When I serve my food, it comes with my own satisfaction guarantee.  Once the food leaves my hands and goes into the hands of someone I do not have control over, I cannot guarantee anything.  The food may not reach you in time or have been tampered with, and the customer will hold me accountable...not the food delivery service.  A recent study showed that 28% of food deliverers have taken food from an order.  NOPE...I want nothing to do with them.

Q. What is the cater fee that is mentioned on the cater menu?

A. The cater fee is a 6% fee charged to orders of $500 and above.  The fee covers the extra costs of packaging materials and worker overtime needed for larger orders that require work time beyond our normal hours of operation.

Q. Do you have gluten free products?

A. Yes, though limited.  We have gluten free buns for sandwiches and some of our soups are gluten free.  It should be noted however that if someone has a severe reaction to gluten that is non-ingested that they use caution when ordering as we are not a gluten free or nut free facility,

          Q. Where is the cheesecake?

A.  When we purchased Country House Deli in 2013, the prior owners opted not to sell the cheesecake recipe as it was a family recipe.  Instead of cheesecake, Country House now offers kuchen made by a small company out of Mercer called Wagner's Wagon. 

Q. How do I place a cater order?

A. If you have a large cater order and not sure what you need, please review our website first, then call with your order.  Do not call during our lunch hours (11-2) as we are very busy and may not be able to give you the time you require to make a good cater decision.

Q. How soon should I place my cater order?

A. This depends on many factors, such as the size of your order, whether we are already booked on the day you require, or if the order is during the peak seasons of graduations and the winter holidays.  We will accomodate where we can.  Graduations and holiday orders should be placed 30-90 days out.  Smaller business lunch orders we recommend a week out.   We are a MAKE-TO-ORDER facility, so we do not have products sitting around ready to pick up.  We like to make your food as fresh as possible, but this does require some prior planning by the customer.

Q. Do you serve alcohol?

A. Yes.  Beer is available during all open hours. Country House recently opened its sandwich pub.  We are still hiring so for now the Pub is open Fridays from 5pm to 9pm.

Q. Is it true that Country House owns the former Fiesta Villa margarita?

A. Yes.  The owners of Country House Deli also owned Fiesta Villa until it closed it doors.  The Deli purchased the intellectual property of Fiesta Villa, which includes all the recipes, trade names, etc, and most importantly, the Fiesta House Margarita.  Rumors of others purchasing the recipe are false.  The margarita is considered a Trade Secret and belongs exclusively to Country House Deli.  You can get one during open Pub hours.







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Please call us at 258-0459 with your cater/party orders

(NOTE: due to labor shortages and lunch volume, we may not be able to get to the phones during lunch hour)

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